Tsubasa Watanabe

There are things that are easier to talk about than do.
Music lays the foundations,and then this artist from Japan builds a choreography that combines his great technical skill and creativity with the diabolo and several dance movements.

Tsubasa Watanabe will perform his and will tell his story
by using his highly skilled and creative Diabolo technique
incorporated with various dance moves.
He graduated from the international circus school in Japan.

for several years,he has traveled the festival in Europe and his interesting gestures have seduced the European public.

A double dance in a single dance "

- Umore Azoka Leioa (ES)

" Hidden Place is on the border between street arts

  and Kabuki theater a Japanese form

    that is very expressive and exaggerated. "



Festival International des Arts de la Rue BASTID'Art


Shizuoka Diabolo Contest


Internationales Kleinkunstfestival Insel Usedom


 Brouwsels op Straat